Imagine stepping into an Irish pub filled with lively music, warm laughter, and an energetic atmosphere. If you’re looking for the perfect nights to experience the vibrant spirit of The Lansdowne Pub in Boston, then look no further. Whether you’re seeking a fun night out with friends or a memorable evening of live music and entertainment, this article will guide you to the best nights to visit The Lansdowne Pub, ensuring an unforgettable experience of the renowned Irish hospitality in the heart of Boston. So grab a pint and get ready to immerse yourself in the lively ambiance of this beloved pub.

The Best Nights To Visit The Lansdowne Pub In Boston


Trivia Night

Mondays at The Lansdowne Pub are all about challenging your knowledge and having a great time. Trivia Night is the perfect opportunity to show off your intellectual prowess while enjoying some fantastic food and drink specials. Gather your friends, form a team, and get ready to test your trivia skills. With a lively and friendly atmosphere, this event is perfect for both casual trivia enthusiasts and serious competitors. Whether you’re a history buff, a pop culture fanatic, or just love random facts, Trivia Night at The Lansdowne Pub is a must-attend event.

Live Music

To kick off the week on a high note, The Lansdowne Pub offers live music performances every Monday night. Sit back and enjoy the talents of talented musicians as they showcase their skills on stage. From acoustic sets to full bands, the pub provides a diverse range of musical genres to suit all tastes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, sing along to your favorite tunes, and let the music uplift your spirits. With an impressive lineup of local and touring acts, Monday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are a treat for music lovers.

Food and Drink Specials

Indulging in delicious food and drinks is a crucial part of any pub experience, and The Lansdowne Pub delivers in that aspect. On Monday nights, they offer fantastic food and drink specials that cater to all taste buds. Whether you’re craving classic pub grub like burgers and fries or looking to try something more adventurous like Irish-inspired dishes, the pub’s menu has you covered. Pair your meal with a perfectly poured pint of your favorite beer or explore their selection of specialty cocktails. With Monday night specials, you can savor exceptional flavors without breaking the bank.


Game Night

Tuesdays at The Lansdowne Pub are all about friendly competition and gaming fun. Game Night offers a variety of interactive games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout the evening. Challenge your friends to a round of darts, test your skills at pool, or try your luck at various board games. The pub provides a lively and welcoming atmosphere that encourages laughter, camaraderie, and a healthy spirit of competition. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, Game Night at The Lansdowne Pub is the perfect opportunity to unwind and have a blast.


Unleash your inner superstar and take the stage during Tuesday’s Karaoke Night at The Lansdowne Pub. Let loose, sing your heart out, and entertain the crowd with your favorite tunes. Whether you’ve got the voice of an angel or just enjoy having a good time, Karaoke Night is a guaranteed evening of laughter, applause, and unforgettable memories. Don’t be shy – grab the microphone and let your talent shine, or simply sit back, enjoy the performances, and cheer on the brave karaoke enthusiasts. Tuesday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are all about celebrating music and having a blast with friends.

Happy Hour Deals

What better way to beat the midweek blues than with fantastic Happy Hour deals at The Lansdowne Pub? On Tuesdays, the pub offers enticing discounts on a wide range of drinks, making it the perfect time to unwind after a long day and enjoy some great company. Sip on a refreshing pint of beer, sample their handcrafted cocktails, or indulge in a glass of wine – all at discounted prices. The lively and friendly atmosphere, combined with the unbeatable Happy Hour deals, sets the perfect tone for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment.


Live Sports Viewing

Sports enthusiasts, rejoice! Wednesdays at The Lansdowne Pub are dedicated to live sports viewing. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just enjoy watching the game with friends, this is the ultimate spot to catch all the action. From thrilling football matches to intense basketball showdowns, the pub screens a wide range of sporting events on their large screens, ensuring you don’t miss a single moment. Cheer on your favorite team, engage in friendly banter with fellow fans, and soak up the lively atmosphere as you enjoy the match with delicious food and drinks.

Pint Night

Wednesday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are all about celebrating the beloved pint. Pint Night offers great deals on a variety of beers, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore new brews or indulge in old favorites. Whether you prefer a crisp lager, a full-bodied stout, or a refreshing ale, you’ll find a pint that satisfies your beer cravings. The pub takes pride in pouring the perfect pint every time, ensuring you get the true Irish pub experience. Embrace the cozy ambiance, sip on your pint of choice, and raise a glass to a wonderful evening.

Irish Dance Performance

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Irish culture with the mesmerizing Irish Dance Performance at The Lansdowne Pub. Every Wednesday night, talented dancers take the stage and weave together intricate footwork, graceful movements, and infectious energy. Be captivated by the rhythmic beats, the traditional music, and the sheer talent of the performers. Whether you’re an Irish dance enthusiast or simply appreciate world-class entertainment, the Irish Dance Performance at The Lansdowne Pub is a memorable experience that showcases the beauty and vitality of Irish culture.


Themed Parties

Thursdays at The Lansdowne Pub are all about letting loose and embracing the spirit of celebration. With their themed parties, the pub takes you on an exciting journey where you can dress up, dance, and have a blast. From 80s-themed parties to tropical beach bashes, each week offers a fresh and unique theme to keep the excitement alive. Dust off your finest costumes, unleash your creativity, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. With lively music, festive decorations, and like-minded partygoers, Thursday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are simply unforgettable.

DJ Night

Get ready to dance the night away with Thursday’s DJ Night at The Lansdowne Pub. Talented DJs bring their unique mix of tunes, keeping the dance floor pulsating with energy from start to finish. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, electronic, or the latest chart-toppers, the DJ’s versatile playlist is sure to cater to all musical preferences. Let loose, show off your dance moves, and groove along with friends and fellow partygoers. With a lively ambiance, top-notch sound system, and an electric atmosphere, DJ Night at The Lansdowne Pub is the perfect way to kick off the weekend early.

Cocktail Specials

Thursday nights at The Lansdowne Pub offer a fantastic opportunity to indulge in some extraordinary cocktails. Delve into the pub’s carefully crafted cocktail menu and explore a world of unique flavors and combinations. From classic favorites to innovative creations, their cocktail specials will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Sip on a carefully muddled mojito, savor the smoky notes of an old-fashioned, or let the bartender surprise you with their mixology skills. With an extensive selection of cocktails on offer, Thursday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are the perfect choice for cocktail connoisseurs.

The Best Nights To Visit The Lansdowne Pub In Boston


Live Band Performance

Fridays at The Lansdowne Pub usher in the weekend with a bang. Prepare to be mesmerized by the electrifying performances of live bands that take the stage every Friday night. From rock and alternative to soulful blues and everything in between, the pub showcases a diverse lineup of talented musicians. Immerse yourself in the immersive sounds, sing along to your favorite songs, and let the music transport you to another world. Whether you’re catching up with friends, enjoying a date night, or simply looking to unwind after a long week, Friday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are an audiovisual treat.

Late-Night Party

Why end the night early when you can keep the fun going at The Lansdowne Pub’s late-night party? Fridays are the perfect time to let loose, dance, and celebrate with friends. With a lively atmosphere and an irresistible mix of music, the pub creates the perfect environment for non-stop dancing and merriment. From classic hits to the latest chart-toppers, the DJ sets the tone for an unforgettable night. Grab a refreshing drink, hit the dance floor, and create memories that will last a lifetime. With its vibrant energy and welcoming crowd, The Lansdowne Pub’s late-night party is the ultimate way to kick off the weekend.

Signature Cocktails

On Friday nights, The Lansdowne Pub pulls out all the stops to serve you the most extraordinary cocktails. From meticulously prepared classics to innovative concoctions, their signature cocktails are a sensory delight. Impress your taste buds with each sip as you navigate through the pub’s carefully curated cocktail menu. Indulge in a vibrant and refreshing mojito, sample a sophisticated and boozy Manhattan, or try their unique twist on a classic martini. With expertly crafted cocktails and a warm and inviting ambiance, Friday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are made for cocktail enthusiasts.


Brunch and Live Music

Start your Saturday off right with an indulgent brunch accompanied by live music at The Lansdowne Pub. Savor a delectable spread of brunch favorites, from hearty breakfast dishes to mouthwatering lunch options. As you satisfy your culinary cravings, talented musicians set the scene with their captivating performances. Whether you prefer soothing acoustic tunes or energetic bands, the pub’s live music will enhance your brunch experience. Enjoy the laid-back ambiance, soak up the lively atmosphere, and create lasting memories with friends and family. Saturday brunch at The Lansdowne Pub is the perfect combination of great food and fantastic entertainment.

Sports Viewing

Saturday’s at The Lansdowne Pub are a haven for sports enthusiasts. Whether it’s the big game or an exciting tournament, the pub delivers an unparalleled sports viewing experience. With multiple large screens strategically placed throughout the venue, you won’t miss a single moment of the action. Cheer on your favorite team, immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere, and engage in spirited conversations with fellow sports fans. The pub provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can come together to celebrate the joy of sports. Saturdays at The Lansdowne Pub are all about camaraderie, excitement, and cheering on your team.

Specialty Drinks

Saturday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are the perfect occasion to indulge in their selection of specialty drinks. From creative cocktails to premium spirits, the pub offers a drink for every palate. Whether you’re in the mood for a refined whiskey, a refreshing gin and tonic, or an expertly layered cocktail, the talented bartenders at The Lansdowne Pub will craft the perfect drink to satisfy your preferences. Sit back, relax, and savor each sip as you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, live music, and the company of friends. Saturday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are all about raising a glass to the weekend.

The Best Nights To Visit The Lansdowne Pub In Boston


Acoustic Sessions

Ease into the laid-back vibes of Sunday with the soothing melodies of acoustic sessions at The Lansdowne Pub. Talented musicians take center stage, creating an intimate and relaxed ambiance that sets the perfect tone for a lazy Sunday afternoon. From stripped-down acoustic renditions of popular songs to original compositions, the pub offers an array of musical talent to cater to all tastes. Whether you choose to sing along, tap your feet, or simply enjoy the music from the comfort of your seat, Sunday’s acoustic sessions at The Lansdowne Pub are the ultimate way to unwind and recharge for the week ahead.

Sunday Roast

Sundays wouldn’t be complete without a hearty and delicious meal, and The Lansdowne Pub’s Sunday Roast delivers just that. Treat yourself to a traditional Irish Sunday Roast that combines succulent roasted meats, flavorful vegetables, and rich gravy, all served with perfect Yorkshire pudding. The pub’s talented chefs ensure that every element of the meal is cooked to perfection, creating a feast that satisfies both the stomach and the soul. Gather your loved ones, indulge in The Lansdowne Pub’s Sunday Roast, and make cherished memories over a shared meal.

Beer Bucket Deals

Take advantage of fantastic beer bucket deals every Sunday at The Lansdowne Pub. Perfect for groups of friends or those looking to experiment with different beers, these deals offer a value-packed way to enjoy a variety of refreshing brews. Savor the flavors of craft beers, domestic favorites, or opt for an international selection – the choice is yours. Grab a bucket, kick back, and enjoy the laid-back Sunday vibes as you spend quality time with friends and make the most of these unbeatable deals. Sunday nights at The Lansdowne Pub are all about good company, great beer, and a relaxing end to the weekend.

Holiday Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day

When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, there’s no better place to be than The Lansdowne Pub. Join in on the festivities as the pub embraces its Irish heritage with gusto. From traditional music and dance performances to Irish-inspired food and drink specials, The Lansdowne Pub creates an authentic and immersive St. Patrick’s Day experience. Raise a pint of Guinness, don your finest green attire, and revel in the electric atmosphere as you celebrate this beloved Irish holiday.


Experience a Halloween celebration like no other at The Lansdowne Pub. Embrace the spooky spirit as the venue transforms into a haunted haven of fun and frights. Costumes are a must, and the pub encourages creativity and extravagance. Dance the night away to Halloween-themed music, participate in costume contests, and indulge in specialty cocktails that perfectly capture the essence of the holiday. With its vibrant ambiance, eerie decorations, and an enthusiastic crowd, Halloween at The Lansdowne Pub is an unforgettable experience that showcases the pub’s unique ability to celebrate in style.

New Year’s Eve

Bid farewell to the year gone by and welcome the new one with a bang at The Lansdowne Pub’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Say hello to a night filled with joy, laughter, and memories as the venue sets the stage for an unforgettable countdown. From live music performances to DJs spinning your favorite tunes, the pub offers a variety of entertainment options to suit all musical tastes. Dance, toast, and surround yourself with loved ones as the clock strikes midnight, heralding a new chapter. With its lively atmosphere and festive energy, The Lansdowne Pub ensures that your New Year’s Eve is a night to remember.

Concert Nights

Pre and Post-Show Gatherings

When it comes to concert nights in Boston, The Lansdowne Pub is the go-to destination for pre and post-show gatherings. Located just steps away from popular concert venues, the pub creates a vibrant atmosphere where fans can come together to share their excitement and build anticipation before the show. Enjoy delicious food, sip on expertly crafted drinks, and engage in lively conversations with fellow music enthusiasts. After the concert, return to The Lansdowne Pub to relive the highlights, discuss favorite moments, and extend the magical night in a welcoming and friendly environment. Concert nights become truly memorable with The Lansdowne Pub as your pre and post-show destination.

Special Guest Performances

The Lansdowne Pub frequently plays host to special guest performances by renowned artists, adding a touch of celebrity to your night out. Keep an eye on the pub’s event calendar for announcements about surprise visits, impromptu jam sessions, or secret gigs. Whether it’s a local talent gracing the stage or an internationally recognized artist making a surprise appearance, these special guest performances make for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Immerse yourself in the captivating performances, revel in the intimate setting, and create memories that will leave you talking for years to come.

Exclusives Deals

As a testament to their dedication to providing exceptional experiences, The Lansdowne Pub often offers exclusive deals and promotions during concert nights. From discounted drinks and food specials to priority seating or queue-jump privileges, these exclusive deals enhance your concert experience and ensure that you get the most out of your visit. Stay updated on the pub’s social media channels or website to be in the know about the latest concert night deals and take full advantage of the perks and benefits offered by The Lansdowne Pub.

Weekend Sports Events

Game Day Specials

Weekend sports events are a big deal at The Lansdowne Pub, and they offer exciting game day specials that cater to sports fans of all kinds. Whether it’s a thrilling football match, an intense basketball game, or any other sporting event, the pub creates an enticing atmosphere where fans can come together to cheer on their favorite teams. Enjoy discounted drinks, indulge in delicious game day snacks, and immerse yourself in the lively banter that fills the air. The Lansdowne Pub ensures that every sports fan feels welcome and can fully immerse themselves in the excitement of the game.

Crowd Excitement

The Lansdowne Pub is renowned for its infectious crowd enthusiasm during weekend sports events. With fans from all walks of life coming together to support their teams, the pub becomes an electric space full of energy and camaraderie. Chants, cheers, and high-fives are just a few of the ways fans express their excitement and show their dedication to their teams. Join in on the fun, strike up conversations with fellow fans, and revel in the shared passion that unites everyone. The Lansdowne Pub’s sports events are not just about the game – they’re about the sense of community and spirited celebration that make the experience truly remarkable.

Large Screen Viewing

To ensure that no moment of the game is missed, The Lansdowne Pub provides ample large screens for viewing sports events. Strategically placed throughout the venue, these screens offer a clear and immersive viewing experience that rivals being at the stadium itself. Enjoy the comfort of the pub’s cozy seating, savor delicious food and drinks, and cheer for your team as though you were right there in the stands. The Lansdowne Pub’s commitment to providing the best sports viewing experience ensures that fans can enjoy every thrilling play and unforgettable moment from the comfort of their seat.

In conclusion, The Lansdowne Pub in Boston offers an incredible lineup of events and experiences throughout the week, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to challenge your trivia knowledge, enjoy live music performances, indulge in delicious food and drinks, or immerse yourself in the excitement of sports events, The Lansdowne Pub has something for everyone. From themed parties and DJ nights to holiday celebrations and exclusive concert experiences, this friendly and vibrant pub caters to all tastes and ensures that every visit is a memorable one. So, grab your friends, mark your calendars, and get ready for an unforgettable night out at The Lansdowne Pub. Cheers!