Life at Commonwealth Hotels is an incredible experience filled with dynamic people who value teamwork and treat each other like family. In this video, Debbie, who has been with the company for over 20 years, shares her journey in the hospitality industry and how Commonwealth Hotels became a coast-to-coast enterprise. The key to their success lies in their culture, built on loyalty, commitment, and passion for serving both associates and guests. With daily huddles that emphasize core values and a focus on creating memorable experiences, Commonwealth Hotels strives to provide exceptional satisfaction for everyone. Their commitment to going above and beyond is evident in their “whatever it takes” mentality, whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma or providing opportunities for team members to grow through Commonwealth University. Joining the Commonwealth family means being part of a special team that values hard work, fun, and making a difference in the community.

About Commonwealth Hotels

Introduction to Commonwealth Hotels

Commonwealth Hotels is an incredible company that values teamwork and treats its employees like family. With a dynamic team and a passion for hospitality, Commonwealth creates memorable experiences for guests and provides opportunities for growth and success.

Mission and Values

At Commonwealth Hotels, loyalty, commitment, and passion are at the core of everything we do. We believe in taking great care of our associates, who in turn provide exceptional care for each other and our guests. Our daily huddles keep us connected and informed, and we embrace core values such as excellence, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and respect.

Size and Reach

Commonwealth Hotels is a coast-to-coast enterprise with properties all throughout the country. We have over 1,700 employees deployed in over 67 countries, representing every major brand family of hotels. Our properties range from individual owners to publicly traded companies, showcasing our diverse reach and ability to manage hotels of any size.

Culture at Commonwealth Hotels

Culture of Teamwork

One of the defining aspects of Commonwealth’s culture is teamwork. We believe that by taking care of our associates, they will take care of each other and our guests. Our team works together to create a supportive and collaborative environment, where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

Sense of Family

At Commonwealth, we treat each other like family. We create a sense of belonging and camaraderie, fostering a happy and positive work environment. Our associates build lasting friendships and forge strong connections that extend beyond the workplace. We support each other through challenges and celebrate success together.

Camaraderie and Support

The Commonwealth team is known for being fun and happy, which translates into creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for our guests. The support and camaraderie among our teammates make a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of our hotels. When our associates are happy, it reflects in the quality of service they provide, resulting in satisfied guests.

Success Factors at Commonwealth Hotels

Focus on Associates

At Commonwealth Hotels, we prioritize our associates’ wellbeing and success. We believe that by taking care of them, they will take care of our guests and ensure their satisfaction. We provide training and development opportunities, opportunities for advancement, and create a work environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Commitment to Guests

Our commitment to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for our guests is a driving factor in our success. We go above and beyond to exceed guest expectations and ensure their satisfaction. We listen to their needs, anticipate their desires, and strive to make their stay with us truly exceptional.

Core Values

Excellence, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and respect are our core values at Commonwealth Hotels. We practice these values daily in our interactions with each other and our guests. They guide our decision-making, our service, and our commitment to delivering the highest quality in everything we do.

Career Opportunities at Commonwealth Hotels

Training and Development

At Commonwealth Hotels, we believe in investing in our associates’ growth and development. Through our internal program called Commonwealth University, associates have the opportunity to take training classes that enhance their skills and advance their careers. We provide the necessary tools and resources for associates to succeed and excel in their roles.

Opportunities for Advancement

We believe in promoting from within and providing opportunities for career progression. Many of our team members have started as hourly associates and have worked their way up to managerial and executive positions. We value hard work, dedication, and the drive to succeed, and we provide the support and resources needed for associates to reach their fullest potential.

Diverse Roles and Growth

Commonwealth Hotels offers a wide range of roles and positions within the hospitality industry. From front desk clerks to general managers, each role is vital in delivering exceptional service and creating a memorable experience for our guests. With properties across the country and partnerships with major hotel brands, there are endless opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Benefits of Working at Commonwealth Hotels

Competitive Compensation

At Commonwealth Hotels, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of our associates. We offer competitive compensation packages that are commensurate with industry standards, ensuring our associates feel valued and appreciated for their contributions.

Employee Benefits

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive benefits to our associates. From affordable health insurance to paid time off for personal and family needs, we strive to create a work environment that supports the overall well-being of our team members. We offer 401k investment opportunities and other benefits that ensure our associates feel secure and cared for.

Fun and Community Involvement

Work should be enjoyable, and at Commonwealth Hotels, we know how to have fun. We organize events and parties that allow our team members to bond and celebrate their hard work. Additionally, we actively participate in community events and initiatives to give back and make a positive impact on the areas where we operate.

Testimonials from Team Members

The Importance of Smiling

As a new associate, one of the first things you learn at Commonwealth Hotels is the importance of smiling. Your smile is the first impression of the company, and we believe that every associate is a salesperson, responsible for greeting guests and making them feel welcome. A smile goes a long way in creating a positive and memorable experience for our guests.

Empowerment and Support

At Commonwealth Hotels, we believe in empowering our associates and providing them with the tools and training to address guest needs without having to rely on managers. Our open-door policy encourages communication and allows team members to freely express themselves and seek assistance when needed. We want our associates to feel supported and confident in their roles.

Recognition and Rewards

We value and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our team members. That’s why we have programs such as Associate of the Month and Associate of the Year, where exemplary employees are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding contributions. These programs not only provide recognition but also create a sense of healthy competition and motivation among our associates.

Partnerships with Major Hotel Brands

Relationship with Hilton

One of the major hotel brands we partner with is Hilton. Our relationship with Hilton is built on trust and a shared commitment to creating exceptional guest experiences. We work closely with Hilton to ensure our properties meet their high standards and deliver outstanding service to their guests.

Partnership with Marriott

Marriott is another major hotel brand that we collaborate with at Commonwealth Hotels. We take pride in representing the Marriott brand and upholding their reputation for excellence. Our partnership with Marriott allows us access to resources and support, enabling us to provide the best possible experiences for our guests.

Collaboration with Hyatt

Hyatt is a valued partner of Commonwealth Hotels, and we are proud to have properties under their brand. Our collaboration with Hyatt ensures that our properties meet the high standards expected by Hyatt’s guests. We work closely with Hyatt to maintain their reputation for quality and exceptional service.

Leadership at Commonwealth Hotels

Experienced Presidents and Chairmen

The leadership at Commonwealth Hotels is comprised of experienced presidents and chairmen who have been with the company for many years. Their knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry have been instrumental in the success and growth of our company. They provide guidance and support to all team members, ensuring a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Opportunities for Growth

At Commonwealth Hotels, we believe in providing opportunities for growth and advancement to all our team members. Whether you’re starting as an hourly associate or joining our executive team, we have programs and resources in place to help you reach your full potential. We invest in our associates’ development, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their roles.

Success Stories

Throughout our history, Commonwealth Hotels has celebrated numerous success stories. Many team members have started at entry-level positions and have grown to become managers, directors, and even vice presidents. These success stories serve as inspiration for all team members and highlight the potential for growth and advancement within our company.


Welcome to the Commonwealth family! By joining Commonwealth Hotels, you are becoming part of an incredible company that values teamwork, supports personal and professional growth, and provides exceptional experiences for guests. With our commitment to associates, dedication to guest satisfaction, and partnerships with major hotel brands, Commonwealth Hotels offers endless opportunities for success. We invite you to be a part of our top hospitality company and embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career in the hospitality industry.